Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)
Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)
Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)
Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)
Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)
Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)
Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)
Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)

Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)

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This SMART device stores up to 50,000 NLIS tag numbers locally on the device hard drive which can be transferred via simple and free software to your PC after you have completed your livestock scanning session.

Scans up to 50,000 NLIS tags on a single charge (includes lithium Ion rechargeable batteries) and provided USB charging lead.

This SMART compact device also has a Repeat Read function. If you don't want the same NLIS tag number stored more than once - when a duplicate number is scanned it will not be stored again on the device and it will beep with an audible tone and on screen state "DUP" for duplicate record.

With repeat read function disabled when you scan 100 animal tags - the max tag numbers displayed and stored on the device will be 100 - regardless of how many duplicate scans are made during the session. This is an excellent way to count the total number of animals worked on in a day without errors by mistaken duplicate scans etc

Set the device sleep function from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes (6x shutdown time delay options).

Powerful next generation antenna to scan tags from the front or back of the device.

Recommended for use if animals are immobilised ie in a head bale when scanning their electronic NLIS ear tags and extra reach is not required.

Product manual click here to view.

This advanced bluetooth (GEN II) device includes 6 months FREE access to the AgriEid Livestock Pro Application - click here for more information on this application.

Click here to view short video demo's of all 12 modules in the AgriEID platform.

AgriEid Compact SMART Scanner imports NLIS tags direct to the AgriEid software application in real time as the tags are scanned over Bluetooth connection.


Individual animal records (displayed below) on an Apple or Android mobile device can be retrieved by this NLIS scanner simply by connecting the mobile device to the scanner via Bluetooth and then scanning the animals electronic ID tag. Medical and weight records can be quickly and easily added to the AgriEid software for powerful analytics and record keeping.

Average Daily Weight Gain (ADG) is automatically calculated so poor performing animals can be immediately identified in the yards and medically treated on the spot so their weight gain performance quickly improves to maximise the entire herd weight prior to sale.

This SMART scanner is compatible with the AgriEid Mobile App if internet access is not available (sync to the cloud from your mobile device at anytime)

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